Is the church just here to keep it’s members? Or are we called to something bigger?

Is Church just a club by another name?

The pastoral care movement has two choices. Either it is still a reform movement to change church and society, or it is a profession within the established patriarchal church and society concerned mainly with its own financial future, accreditation, and making sure it has a secure place for its members.  If our pastoral care movement decides to return to its earlier reformist goals, it must respond to the present crisis in the area of sexuality by focusing on issues of the liberation of women, African Americans, and gays and lesbians from the traditional sexual ethics that support male dominance.

Poling, J 1995. Sexualty: A crisis for the churches, in Couture, P D & Hunter, R J (eds), Pastoral care and social conflict, 114-124. Nashville, TN: Abingdon.

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