The Fire is Still Burning!

Since we sOct meetingtopped our Wednesday night soup circle group things have been a bit quiet for Church in Progress. But that all changed tonight!

Emily and Alan have moved into their new whare and it was bursting at the seams tonight with friends, laughter, food and thinking.

All in all we had ten peeps in and out over the evening and a few more were with us in spirit!

We had a time of reflecting on the past, present and future of Church and Progress and also on our own journeys. There is a real feeling that we are on the verge of something different and we are keen to ensure that God leads the way. Please continue to pray that we are open to what God wants us to be and do in our community.

Church in Progress continues to be a small group with big plans and big hearts. Tonight saw a massive collection of items for the Mangere Budgeting Food Bank, kids clothes and handmade blankets for the local womens refuge. We had a time of quiet (an effort for most of us 🙂 ). Lucy led these prayers which centred on the people who would receive these gifts. That they would feel cared for and loved. That the blankets would provide a safe and comforting place.

On the long list for discussion we chatted about Angie and Adrienne’s idea of ‘Carols and Kai’ and … it’s all go! Keep the 21st of December afternoon free! More details soon. Also Naomi will be running a group (possibly on Tues nights) where she will share her knowledge of crochet! There are plans to crochet scarves for patients in Middlemore. Exciting things happen when we get together!

Inspired by Paul’s letters to the Philippians Emily reminded us that the early Christians met in small house groups. But soon the groups were too big to meet in just a few houses. As people in their communities saw how they were living and related to others, more and more people wanted to know their ‘secret’. Racial changes started in those communities. Can we live this way? Can we be honest about the times when we feel unable to live in a way that reflects God’s love? Do people look at us and wonder what motivates us?

Much love till next time … Em x

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