How do you grieve?

Just had a lovely couple of days in Matamata supporting the Langi family who have just started ministering at the Matamata Union Parish. Anyway …. we were travelling back today and stopped in at Framing & Quilt Craft based in Te Aroha. We met Karen who is just lovely! She told us a touching story of a man whose recently lost his partner. He brought in his partners t-shirts and has commissioned Karen to make a ‘Memory T-Shirt Quilt’ out of them. Often, when someones dies, it can be difficult to make decisions about what to do with their stuff, so we thought this idea was a creative way to deal with the ‘what do we do with his clothes’ issue. We asked Karen’s permission to share how far she’d got with the project (we’ve taken this photo from their facebook page) 10462635_737105456385497_1325664525652177758_n The T-Shirt project also reminded me of the AIDS Memorial Quilts. These quilts were made to help people remember and to grieve for those who died in the AIDS epidemic which started in the 1980s.  Church in Progress is part of a bigger movement – The Metropolitan Community Church – and many of our churches provide a home for these quilts. Here are some photos I took of MCC Sydney‘s quilts which hang in their church Sanctuary. BeFunky_Quilt 4.jpg Quilts were also made here in New Zealand. Yes, they were part of the grieving process but they also had an important role to play as tools to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS.  The New Zealand quilts are now looked after at Te Papa (click the links to see images of the quilts). Its more than hard when someone we love dies. How we process our grieve varies in every situation. Even Jesus cries when his friend Lazarus dies. If we believe that Jesus is God in human form … it means that God knows how grief feels too. Is the T-Shirt quilt something you’d like to do to remember someone you love? Do you farewell/process/grieve differently to your parent’s generation? Have you seen how facebook is changing the way we publicly grieve? Do you think it helps or hinders? Would love you to join the conversation ….

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