Asking different questions …

I’m DSC_0390_Iván_Melenchón_Serrano_MorgueFilesure you’ve heard of that saying about what insanity is : doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Well, I feel the same about about questions. If we want to do something a little different maybe we need to ask different questions. Do the same old questions have the same old answers?

Churches can get a little bit obsessed with how many people attend on Sunday mornings. There are forms to be completed to report back on the amount of donations etc etc. I’m all about accountability but … maybe there are other questions we need to ask – just as regularly too?

I think that questions lead to measuring … how do we want to measure what we do? What is important to us?

Came across a insightful article by Jeffrey D. Jones who wrote this piece for the Alban Weekly. I’ve stolen a few of the bits that really stood out for me….

Instead of asking …

“How do we bring them in?” It would be better for us to ask,

“How do we send them out?”

“What should the pastor do?” But a more important question for congregations today is

“What is our shared ministry?”

“What’s our vision and how do we implement it?” What would happen if they instead asked,

“What’s God up to and how do we get on board?”

When congregations have financial struggles, they ask, “How do we survive?” Instead they might ask,

“How do we serve?”

Got you thinking?

I would like Church in Progress to ask ourselves … How do we ensure that the people in our local community feel valued and loved?

I would like to know what questions we could ask so we become aware of the transformations that happen with the people Church in Progress comes into contact with.

What would you like to ask?

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