Faith Audit


So, Church in Progress are going to do a set of group discussions over the Lenten period. Exciting times! Easter time is special to me as it was on Easter Sunday in 2007 that I was baptised at the Metropolitan Community Church in South London.

The whole Lenten and Easter time for me is a bit of a faith audit. It gives me the chance to put my relationship with our Mate ‘up there’ back on track. I’m really looking forward to exploring and discussing stuff, in a group, during this time in the Christian calendar. Having done the Discipleship 101 course I know that these discussions will be fun and relaxed and the conversation often covers a whole of stuff no-one is expecting! It really helped me draw my own thoughts together and assess why I think the way I do.

Part of Easter, for me, is a time to look at Jesus and the way Jesus stood up for those who were on the margins and victims of injustice. Jesus suffered greatly for just thinking differently and upsetting the crazy power-hungry ruler of the time. It also gives me a chance to re-examine what I’m doing for those on the margins and how I response to social justice issues in my community.

As I say, Easter is always an exciting time, but I also know to be careful for what you wish for! As over one Easter I heard about a group called Street Pastors. Next thing I know I’m providing a listening ear to people on the streets of Peckham in the UK from 10pm to 4am every other weekend! This year my prayer will still be ‘Lord, I am here’ … where will I end up this year???

What will your prayer be?

– by Alan

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