Easter Sunday Reflection 2015 by Rev Lucy Nguyen

Christ has risen – he has risen indeed!

God comes into our lives in the LIFE ~ DEATH ~ RESURRECTION of Jesus and in these events God seek to grab our attention – because face it, we are easil20150405_103549y distracted.

God says LOOK! Look to Me! To me ~ God … learn, listen…

  • I, God, do exist
  • I, God, do love you
  • I, God, am mystery

            and I am hope and light, I am the way for all people.

And if you know me through my son Jesus Christ then you will know that even after death there is more – God‘s peace will reign!

In the meantime, live well according to my teaching, for heaven now on earth and to come.

Today, EASTER Sunday, we celebrate this amazing miracle, this expression of our Creator’s love and power.

And the revelation for me this time round, wandering through the past 40 days of Lent to arrive at this morning, has been the insistent reminder that we are every character in all these biblical stories – notice the wide breadth of characters … they are all the aspects of ourselves … we are not forgotten, nor hidden from God.

And God still loved the world and reaches out to us – so that in turn we reach out to God and know the power of God’s love even in time of crises and earthly death.

The darkness came but it did not / does not / will not overcome the light.

The light which is Divine love, “the way” – your source of strength, healing, hope is here for you now and always through Jesus Christ, the Risen One!

Let us share that Good news and live it today!


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