Thinking and Praying about ANZAC

As this year marks 100 years since the ANZAC landings on the Gallipoli Peninsulapoppy its has put the harsh realities of war and the possibilities of peace at the front of our minds. For me it has been hard to process these thoughts, this year especially, as the media has been overwhelming. I wish there was more focus on learning from our mistakes and thinking of ways to ensure that we protect this generation and future generation from these horrors. I feel a kind of helplessness. How can I honour those who have died while hoping for peace?

The only answer I have come up with at the moment is to pray and I’m asking if you’ll join me in this prayer. A prayer for peace.

Please join us and use the comments below, or facebook or twitter – write your thoughts, maybe just a word or an image – use the hastag #ANZACprayer. Naomi will gather all these thoughts, prayers and ideas and creatively compile it into a prayer/poem which will be posted a week after ANZAC day.

UPDATE … read our ANZAC prayer here

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