Our ANZAC Prayer

Guide us Lord, in our quest for peace!poppy 2

‘Them bones, dry bones’,
lying on foreign soil,
hidden by mud and the
stench of trenches.
Their spirits speak to us
on ANZAC Day.  The time
we pause to remember the
grief of too many young sons
who were lost because they
took up adventure; conscription.

We waved them off fearing the
worse but unable to combat the
patriotism that invaded our hearts
as surely we invaded Turkey.

Apart from a few, who stood, suffered,
were imprisoned in the name of peace.
Scorned, ridiculed, their cause unbroken.
A sign of Your Cross?

Guide us Lord, in our quest for peace.

We were caught up in Empire fighting
Empire – desperate to belong – one of our
human traits – You must have created that
along with survival, hunger and love!

Why are we so quick to defend instead
of consensus? So hasty in judgement, slow
to discern consequences, let alone wisdom!

Guide us Lord in our quest for peace.

Spirit of those fallen bones, once comrades
under fire, speak to us now – to the government
on the day, to children learning our history;
those who wear the red poppy of a thousand fields.
Give us courage, not sentiment.
Let the holes in history not be remade by us – allow
us to know others who are different – wars are
not fought friend against friend.

May we not be so influenced by larger economies
that we fall in with their seductive powers.

Guide us Lord in our quest for today’s peace.

May our actions match our whispers,
May our prayers match our protests,
May our chants be heard,
May our memories disturb us
and next ANZAC Day may we
be proud to wear a white poppy
beside a red one to announce
we are for PEACE, here and
NOW, for everyone!

Thank You Lord for your unfailing love and
forgiveness in our quest for today’s peace.

Thoughts crowdsourced by Church in Progress MCC
: Creatively Compiled by Naomi Lange

Thank you for sharing your thoughts/prayers around this year’s ANZAC commemorations. It turns out many of us had a lot to process and it was good to do this together. A MASSIVE thank you to Naomi who creatively pulled it all together.

God hears our prayers.

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