Prayers for SOUL – Save Our Unique Landscape Campaign

Myself, Alan and other SOUL peeps were out and about delivering the SOUL Times around Mangere today.20151030_100931

As we popped the paper into each letterbox we silently pleaded with God in prayer … that the papers would be read and that the people will move.

The high density housing project SHA62 that is proposed for the historic sacred green space at Ihumatao will completely destroy this special land.

This project is going ahead under the Special Housing Area legislation. This legislation is written in such a way that it completely keeps public consultation out of the process. If SHA62 goes ahead it will turn this green space into an over-crowded urban area with 480 high density houses.

This will havcropped-kfc-31.jpge a massive impact on access and on your use of the adjacent Otuataua Stonefields. Save Our Unique Landscape (SOUL) campaign has been working hard to ensure objections to SHA62 are heard in this thoroughly non-democratic process.

Find out more about the sacred land at It that is under threat by visiting the Facebook page. Here you’ll find ways you can easily take action. In addition you could quickly make a donation here.

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