Advent 2015 – These are the days to prepare

TheseAreTheDaysI love the season of Lent. For me it is a time of reflection and preparing for Easter Sunday. This year, I wonder, could I make the Church season of Advent a time of preparation too?

Luckily we have some lovely Church in Progress Peeps. Sophie nudged me in the right direction by asking if I had any suggestions for scripture to read before Christmas.

It makes sense. Many of us will spend hours organising Christmas dinner, decorating the tree, present buying and wrapping … checking our overdraft lol. Why not spend some time thinking about the simple message behind the Christmas story? God wants to be in relationship with us, with you.

If you love a Christmas carol, you’ll be familiar with “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”. Emmanuel means – God is with us. Let’s support each other over the next few weeks as we discover what that looks and feels like for us.

Our MCC whanau from around the globe will guide us too. There are some wonderful resources on the website  (like the challenge below) on which I’ll adapt for us …

These Are the Days…

In this time of strife and struggle so prevalent in our world, when the very lives and dignity of people are so often threatened by the systems of oppression in the world, what does it mean for us who wish to live as people who truly believe that God IS with us?

How are we to respond faithfully to the ways that the presence of Christ is coming, has come, and is changing the world?

How can we not simply proclaim, but participate in the coming of Christ who is already at work in the world, working most often in the least likely way in the least likely people?

This Advent, we recognize These Are the Days… to:

  • Restore Hope
    • Rebuild Peace
      • Reawaken Joy
        • Revitalise Love
          • Reclaim Christ

If you want to chat about your Advent journey – find us on facebook.

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