An Inclusive Response to an Excluding Action by the Mormon Church

It was just last month the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church) went public with a policy which is devastating for LGBT Mormons – they announced that they will not baptise children of same-sex couples. These children will only be baptised when they turn 18 AND they reject their own family. Read more about their policy here.

It was in reaction to same-sex marriages becoming legal in the United States. Although I totally disagree with their position on this – I am glad it is it public. It is better than a sign outside a church which states “All Our Welcome” … only to find a few months in that you cannot baptise your child or, for example, take a leadership role due to your sexuality.

Fortunately, MCC responded in a positive way with this statement (below). If you would like to be baptised or have your child baptisebaptised – please get in touch with us.

Statement on Baptism from Metropolitan Community Churches – Released on the 12 November 2015 by our Moderator, Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson – Metropolitan Community Churches

Metropolitan Community Churches includes baptism as one of our sacraments. We make baptism available to all, members and non-members, in the same way we offer an open communion, because of our high value on radical welcome and inclusivity.

MCC has always baptized infants, in the way that most Christian churches do, and, for those parents who are from backgrounds that do not practice infant baptism, we provide a rite of blessing, or dedication, of infants. Our eclectic ecclesiology and the ecumenical nature of our denomination encourage us to be bold in our welcome and flexible in our practice.

Our belief is that every person is a child of God. Among the many meanings of baptism in the Christian faith, one of the meanings is “welcome to the family,” the human family, the family of faith. We are grateful for the gift of children, the blessing they are to our families and churches, and we acknowledge our sacred responsibility to them through baptism.

For decades, MCC churches, pastors, and leaders have provided weddings, baptisms, funerals, and memorials for people who were rejected by their own churches, or who had no church home in which to celebrate life passages.

During the worst years of AIDS, we never asked, “What church do you belong to?” We responded with love, acceptance, and an open heart and community, a reflection of our understanding of the nature and heart of God.

Over the decades, MCC churches have welcomed those from a Mormon background, including some of our earliest leaders. Every Metropolitan Community Churches stands ready to baptize and bless the children of same-sex Mormon couples, or others who need conversation, support, and community.

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