2015 Year in Review – Church in Progress

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Church in Progress MCC is a small but growing emerging church in South Auckland, Aotearoa. Rev Emily Worman is the pastoral leader and does so with strong support from her husband Alan.

Please have a read of all the adventures we had in 2015.

As you read through the list of events we have had please say a word of thanks to all the people behind these events. No church can function without support and help of the people and we give thanks that Church in Progress had so many willing people in 2015. We also acknowledge MCC Sydney who is our partnership church.

Church in Progress is committed to being relevant to our community’s needs. At the end of each year the Board will meet and decide if we will continue Church in Progress into the next year. Through prayer we will ask the following questions:
– Is there still a need/desire from the community for Church in Progress?
– Do we have enough committed people to sustain Church in Progress?
– What vision do we have for the next year?

Please join in the prayer at the bottom of this post.
Ongoing Activities in 2015

  • Active facebook presence and blog/website
  • Emily is on the General Conference 2016 Worship team.
  • Emerging Church Partnership with MCC Sydney. As well as support for Emily MCC Sydney have also been collecting a portion of their financial tithes for us. However, Church in Progress and MCC Sydney have decided that these fund will be held by MCC Sydney until Church in Progress sets up a trust and bank account.
  • Emily and Alan are both active members of a local social justice group ‘Respect Our Community Campaign’ (ROCC). This year Emily and Alan have attended local board meetings, part of the team that is pushing council to provide a new community hub building, presented evidence at liquor licence renewal hearings, attended protests and supported a campaign which is trying to save local sacred green space from development as well as continuing to promote public transport over new roads and motorways being built through our neighbourhood.  It is very encouraging that other people who come along to Church in Progress are also involved in many of these social justice activities.
  • Emily served on the Trust Board of the Mangere Budgeting Service. This organisation provides budgeting advisors and a food bank for the local community. A few of us from Church in Progress also helped with putting together the Christmas food parcels. We also had a collection of toiletries for the food bank at our December monthly service.
  • Emily is the ‘Camp Mother’ at the MCC Australasian Women’s Retreat. Planning begins via skype in February and the retreat is held in October.
  • Hot Stop is a weekly meetup on a Thursday (started around October 2015). Started by a local group of people who meet to hand out hot drinks and offer conversation with no agenda at our local bus stop. Emily and Alan have been attending a couple of times a month. We led two big nights leading up to Christmas with an opportunity for people to sing ‘Karaoke Carols’

hot stop carols

January 2015

  • Social Event – Movies in the Park

February 2015

  • Started on 20th February we had six weeks, on Friday night of “How we drive affects others … Preparing for Easter”. Church in Progress provided a space in which people could explore what it means to be on a travelling through life together. We used different scripture each week and discussed ideas on facebook beforehand. Each week also had a theme – Community, Time, Rules and Regulations, Navigation, Being Blessed? and the last week we made palm crosses for the local hospital’s chaplaincy team to hand out and we shared what Easter means for us.
  • A small group of us marched with other churches in the Pride Parade

April 2015

  • Dinner and feedback about how our Lent Preparation series went. We also provided an online survey. Only a few people responded but it was positive. You can see the results here.

July 2015

  • Prayer Doodling at Middlemore Hospital. We create a doodling space outside the hospital’s spiritual centre. It also provides an easy to access space to pastoral care for those who are uncokfc 1mfortable with going inside the spiritual centre.

August 2015

  • Friday night in August we met up at KFC for “Variety Bucket! Conversations at KFC”. We took prayer doodling equipment and we just chatted and drew about what was on our hearts. These prayer doodles became a focus for prayer on facebook in the week that followed. You can see some of our prayers here.
  • We had a at least two planning meeting in preparation for Emily’s Ordination.
  • We also facilitated a Prayer Doodling session at Middlemore Hospital.
  • A small group of us marched to show our opposition to the TPPA trade process.

September 2015

  • Emily and Alan led the service at Bay Of Islands Uniting Parish on the 6th of September.
  • We had more planning meetings in preparation for Emily’s 20150926_131932Ordination.
  • We facilitated a Prayer Doodling session at Middlemore Hospital.
  • Emily’s Ordination Service was held on the 26th September. What a day! So many people came to support and we had a MASSIVE crew of helpers. Please see blog post about this event here.

October 2015

  • MCC Australasian Women’s Retreat held in NSW, Australia from the 9th-11th of October. Emily is part of the retreat committee and plans and runs the services during the retreat. This year she also facilitated a session.
  • Our first official monthly interactive worship service and shared meal was held on the 17th October.

November 2015

  • Emily conducted a same-sex commitment blessing in Sydney with Rev Karl Hand (Crave MCC Sydney)
  • A team was formed to plan our November Monthly Gathering service. Emily provided the scripture and the focus, we all shared ideas on facebook first and then got together to put the service together.
  • Emily attended the MCC Australasian Network Gathering in Melbourne.
  • Our November Monthly Gathering and meal was hcropped-christmas.pngeld on the 21st November.

December 2015

  • Christmas Karaoke! Lots of people came and sang their hearts out! We also gathered items for the local food bank.

2016 will hold new and unique challenges for Church in Progress. We aim to…

  • We plan to have our monthly interactive worship services throughout 2016 on Saturdays 4-6pm. Each gathering will include a shared meal. Get more details about times on our facebook event page or our main website.
  • Every month a group with get together to plan as a team for the worship service. This involves talking about activities, prayer focus and up skilling others to lead various parts of the service. If this group gets stronger and want more services throughout the month this will be considered later in the year. We will only increase the number of services when there is a team that is prepared to support these extra services. If you are interested in being involved in this creative experience, please contact us.
  • It is our hope to get at least 3 women from Church in Progress to attend the MCC Australasian Women’s retreat in October 2016. If you are interested, please contact us.
  • Emily is in real need of an ‘Emerging Church Coach’ – hopefully this will eventuate in 2016 with support from The MCC Emerging Church Team.
  • June is the deadline we have set for ourselves to set up a Church Board, trust and bank account. If you are interested in being on the board please contact us.
  • In July Alan and Emily will attend MCC General Conference in Canada. Alan has had $500 donated in his name to the ‘Be a Gem’ fund and Emily is been enabled to go through her work on the General Conference Worship Team.
  • In December the Church Board will meet and decide if Church in Progress will continue into 2017.

Loving God, As we begin a new year, help us to listen closely for the plans you have for us. Help us to live in the goodness that comes from doing what you want us to do. Help us to put aside anxiety about the future and the past, so that we might live in peace with you now, one day at a time. Amen

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