Become a Member of Church in Progress MCC

Have you been thinking about joining a faith community? Or curious to learn more about Metropolitan Community Church: the history, Core Values, Mission, anmembership signd Vision?

We are running our very first Membership Class on …

Saturday 9th April – 2pm-4.30pm

To be held at Emily and Alan’s place. Respond to the invite and ask for the address on facebook
or email us.

Although all people are welcome to worship and be involved in ministry at Church in Progress, unlike some churches, one does not automatically become a church member just by attending.  One requirement is attending a membership class. This Membership Class does NOT obligate you to join, but it is a time to learn, ask questions, meet others doing the same.  Membership involves a commitment to support the church with one’s time, talent and treasure, and provides the ability to participate more fully in the life of the our faith community by voting at Congregational Meetings.  Members are also eligible to be part of the Core Team and the future Trust Board.

Are you ready to explore the next step in your faith journey?

The Metropolitan Community Church is a Christian congregation which proclaims God’s inclusive, unconditional love for all people. We are a body of believers who support each other to discover how our faith interacts with our day to day lives. As members we make a faith decision to follow the path of Jesus as a disciple, and we are unapologetic about being followers of Jesus Christ. We are willing to support the mission, vision and core values of our church. Our no-obligation membership classes offer a place where one can explore the meaning of our Mission, Vision and Faith statements and our Core Values and how they relate to each other, to the church’s future and to members individually. It’s a great opportunity to meet others on their spiritual journey like you!

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