The Way Ahead


What a gathering! On the 4th of September around ten Church in Progress Peeps crowded into Rev Em (me) and Alan’s home to reflect on the past year and look forward to 2017.

We all found it hard to believe that it has nearly been a year since  I was ordained! So much has happened.

We started out by prayerfully considering the following questions …

  • How has Church in Progress encouraged your faith journey this past year?
  • What does Church in Progress mean to you?
  • How do we create a place that is known for listening?
  • What is Church in Progress? What is it NOT?
  • What kind of Church in Progress things do you make a priority? (eg: What gets you outta the house?)
  • Do you think there is still a need for Church in Progress?
  • If yes, what would you like your part to be?

But how do we even start to articulate answers to these questions?

Thankfully, Emily and Alan have an amazing mentor – Scottie who is on staff at MCC Redwood Empire church in California. She suggested that we use stickers to help us think about what’s important.

So, I printed off all the ideas from our membership class, all the events we’ve hosted throughout the past year and we added some ideas too. We then ‘voted’. We started out with 6 yellow stickers and we picked the things from the past year we most connected too. We then added some ideas and stuck on 6  blue (I think from memory) stickers onto what we thought was important. Next were 6 green stickers – what would we be willing to give our time and resources to? Lastly, we had 3 red stickers each – what were the 3 top most important things we thought Church in Progress should be doing.

It was hard! It was difficult because there was so many great ideas and so few stickers! However, it did really make us consider what was most important as we provide places for our community to connect with God and with one another.

The image above holds the ideas and events that got the most stickers. Please take some time to pray over these ideas. Ask God “What is Church in Progress called to do?”.

By the end of this meeting it was clear that we wanted to continue Church in Progress for another year.

Let’s move forward together and work out the answers to the questions above.

Don’t be passive – get active! There is a place for you around this table.

Join in the conversation ...

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