Being part of Church in Progress MCC

Church in Progress is all about providing spaces to reconnect with God and with each other. Focusing on …

  • Community
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Activism
  • Celebrancy Services

Want to get more involved? You can!

Church in Progress values it’s online family. The internet is a gift as it allows us to connect even when meeting in person is not possible.

Be part of the family by …

You can also become a member of Church in Progress MCC

Being a member simply means you support Church in Progress’s kaupapa of providing spaces for people to reconnect with God and with one another. You understand that Church in Progress is committed to social justice work and provides a faith space for all, including those who identify as GLBTQI.  You are happy to show your commitment to Church in Progress by appearing on the members register and by attending the Annual General Meeting if at all possible (usually held in South Auckland in November each year). You interact with Church in Progress online and/or attend events that Church in Progress facilitate.

Everyone who is interested is welcome at any Church in Progress event, including the Annual General Meeting. However, as Church in Progress is an Incorporated Society you’ll need to be a member to have voting rights. Click here to read the rules of the Church in Progress MCC Incorporated Society.

Many of our Incorporated Society members have also completed the membership course. This introduces you to the values, history and vision of Church in Progress and the wider global denomination ‘Metropolitan Community Church’. Find out more about the membership course here.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Church in Progress, or would like to update your membership details, please fill in the form below and you’ll hear back asap!



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