The Butterfly Effect


Check out my cheesy grin …

This was my face just a few days ago when I picked up some donations from a friend of Church in Progress. Her workplace had some ex-display appliances to pass on. Joyfully, she trusted Church in Progress to pass them on to people who needed them.

That we did – lots of individuals and a few organisations have benefited from heaters, juicers, dehumidifiers and toasters. Winter just got a bit warmer!


However, my grin also reflects the happiness that came from the story behind this little butterfly. You see, this is one of the butterflies that was picked up from the floor after Alan performed his magic trick at our Christmas Karaoke event in 2018. It now lives on, placed above the desk of our friend. Yup, the same friend that organised these recent donations. She LOVED the magic trick and every time she looks up from her desk she is reminded of that moment. When asked about the butterfly, she has had the opportunity to tell her work colleagues about the magic trick. The joy keeps on giving! Alan was over the moon to hear about how his magic is still bringing a little bit of happiness all these months later. That’s what it’s all about really aye?

So the #givewhatyoucantakewhatyouneed movement is growing! If you have something you need – let us know. If you have something to give  – get in touch. You can also bring along items to our monthly gatherings. Let’s share our resources!


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