Pics from July’s Gathering …

This month our prayer and discussion were based around ‘rejection’ and we explored this story and tease out the advice Jesus gave to his disciples on dealing with rejection. Read it here Mark 6:1-13

At the July 2018 gathering we were thinking, praying and talking about …

The Story of Rejection : What happens when we are not ‘seen’ by others?

Each Church in Progress gathering provides a space in which we can worship and connect as we are. Everyone can prayer doodle throughout the service if they like … see the pics below.

During July’s gathering we discussed Mark 6:1-13

Naomi will lead us all in a neat activity which involved choosing shells from a tray … why did we pick the ones we did … why did we leave others shells behind? Then we moved onto a wider discussion.

Some questions we explored …

  • Do you see yourself in this story?
  • How does our faith influence how we respond to rejection?
  • What would have happened if they had ‘seen’ Jesus?
  • What happens when we don’t get seen for who we are? For our skills, talents and simply being us?
  • Are you ever the one that keeps the ‘home fires’ burning? What happens when people return with ‘big ideas’?

Come along in August! You are always welcome as you are.


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