Rally Against Racism – 3rd August 2018

Below is the media release from Tāmaki Anti-Fascist Action.

Church in Progress is proud to be associated with this action. Come along on Friday to stand up for love and against racism and hate. Any questions? Just ask hello@churchinprogress.org.

Find out more by visiting the facebook event here https://www.facebook.com/events/706287126385584/

Media Release: Community to rally against racism
From: Tāmaki Anti-Fascist Action
Date: Wednesday, 1 August 2018

“Members of Auckland’s diverse communities are uniting against racism and the politics of hate at Aotea Square at 5.30pm this Friday, 3 August,” said Sina Brown-Davis, spokesperson for Tāmaki Anti-fascist Action (TAFA).

“Together we will stand up against fascism and to celebrate the power and strength of diversity and tolerance.“

The event will feature speakers, live music and a short security briefing. Following the rally, we will move the gathering to the location where avowed white nationalists Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern will be speaking where will we hold a peaceful protest.

“At the conclusion of their Australian tour, these speakers mocked Aboriginal culture and launched a tirade against multiculturalism and Islam. Their offensive comments painted a dehumanising depiction of Indigenous Australians, in keeping with the extreme views of these far-right, self-appointed commentators.”
“When Molyneaux and Southern speak in New Zealand they will trot out all of the same hateful talking points, this time against Māori.”

“Across the globe, the politics of hate and division are on the rise. We feel it is our duty to stand together to resist this racist rhetoric, and to defend our communities from hateful attacks and racist violence. History tells us that when the racist right is on the rise, we don’t sit back and hope for the best: we mobilise and resist these points of view.”

“These racist politics are fundamentally founded upon fear. We know that the local people supporting these politics have a long history of racism and hatred of Māori. We believe they are seeking to advance the politics of hate to further marginalise and disempower Tangata Whenua, migrant communities and Muslims.”

“Aotearoa is made stronger and more resilient through its diversity and tolerance, We want to honour the Tangata Whenua and celebrate Auckland’s multicultural diversity, not have our city subject to racism, fear and violence.”

“We encourage people to come in groups and bring colourful banners, flags, candles, songs, prayers and other items of cultural or religious practice appropriate to this purpose.”

“Together we stand united to stop the politics of hate and division.”


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