August Monthly Gathering 2018


This month we gathered to discuss, pray and think about Ephesians 4:25-5:2. This text walks us through how we choose to respond to others.

Have a read of the text … what sticks out for you? Can you see yourself in the text?

These are the kinds of questions we ask and talk about as a group when we gather. We also have an opportunity to share in communion, sing, pray and eat together!

Every pastor loves a good metaphor right lol?! During August’s gathering Rev Em spoke about how each one of us is like a little egg. We can be fragile and we need to be kind and gentle with one another. However … we are stronger together. Those 1.15kg cans are being placed on four raw eggs!

During our gatherings some choose to sit and prayer doodle. Check out these wonderful thoughtful creations below.



If you are interested in coming along next month check out our events page.

Got questions? Simply ask or connect with Rev Em on facebook.

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