Call to Prayer – MCC Elders

Holy God, you are the creator who breathes all life into being. Even as we thank you for our lives, so we pray that you give us the eyes to see your creation as you do.

As greed and the desire for power overwhelm and control many in the world, so nations and peoples are displaced, and uncountable numbers of your people, each with a name, each with a face, each with loved ones, are thrown into confusion and despair. Holy God, give us hearts to feel their pain and respond with your love.

Brother Jesus, you walked the earth touching those in pain, healing those with dis-ease. We want to lift to you particularly all who are living with HIV. Today this is becoming for so many in power, and even in our churches the forgotten and hidden infection. Shine your light anew on the loneliness and isolation which HIV cause. Let your church be your hands, your heart, your feet in the world, going where others fear to go, bringing your healing touch of inclusivity.

Holy Spirit, your pass through and between your people. Fill us again with your wisdom that in the infinity of time from one second to another you guide us, your people into knowing your will for those we encounter.


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