Make your own Easter Garden

Let’s celebrate Easter Sunday morning by making a miniature garden!

The idea is to have a path leading to the empty tomb where Jesus’ folded grave clothes were left. He is Risen and Mary was the first person to speak to him in the garden. (John 19:38 – 20:17)

Begin by choosing a tray, plate or shoe box lid. 

Find some pebbles, shells or small rocks to form the tomb or to be in the garden. Rev Em lent me some we painted one church service! 

Cover the base with paint, dried leaves etc; use earth if you like but not compost as it might make you sick.  Find a jar and lid, round ornament or object to be Jesus’ resting place with the stone rolled away.

Get greenery to look like trees or shrubs.Fold either part of a tissue or tiny piece of white material to be the folded grave clothes to put in the tomb.

Add more colour with real or artificial flowers. If you can add figures with Lego, modelling clay, wood or shells to look like Jesus, Mary, Angels or disciples, do so.

A handbag mirror makes a great pond! 

Have fun being creative and share your garden on facebook. Don’t forget to tag Church in Progress.

Happy Easter, from Nana Na.

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