COVID-19 Prayer – Rev Alex Pittaway

God we cry out to you in times of great distress and chaos, did you cause this? Why is this happening? Why aren’t you stopping all this suffering? You could prevent this, so why don’t you?

Lord God, Your Son Jesus, asked these same questions, as have all your prophets, priests and writers of scripture.

Lord God, we pray you would bless us with comfort in knowing that to ask and to question suffering is natural and indeed holy. It shows concern for our fellow human beings and that is sacred.

We pray we would understand that You sent Your Son Jesus to experience all of what it means to be human. He loved as we love. He wept as we wept. He bled as we bled. He mourned as we mourned. He suffered injustice as we suffer.

Through Jesus you showed us that you love us so much that you became one of us.

All knowing God, you loved us so much that you created us, blessed us, called us your beloved knowing that just as a parent suffers when their child suffers, so do you suffer when we suffer.

You suffered when your children died of HIV AIDS. You felt the pain of being othered when our HIV Positive siblings suffered stigma.

You also suffer when we suffer from COVID 19.

Lord God we pray that as you suffer as we suffer, we would draw closer to You and to each other. Draw us closer into the Godhead. Closer than we have ever been.

Let us uphold the sacred tension of questioning why suffering happens with the sacred solidarity that you are with us.

May our love be shown in public as we call for justice that governments around the world would respond to the poor and oppressed who suffer the most in these times.

In Jesus name we pray.


Rev Alex Pittaway is the pastor of MCC Brisbane.

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