Record of Church in Progress Ideas – 10th October 2013

Ideas discussed at our Church in Progress get together at Na’s place – 10th October July 2013  Who was there? Alan, Adrienne, Angie, Riley, Daniel, Matheus and Emily General Discussion ·         We decided that we world towards getting things done by consensus. ·         Have everything CIP transparent.  Financial stuff and minutes etc on the website. […]

Is the church just here to keep it’s members? Or are we called to something bigger?

Is Church just a club by another name? The pastoral care movement has two choices. Either it is still a reform movement to change church and society, or it is a profession within the established patriarchal church and society concerned mainly with its own financial future, accreditation, and making sure it has a secure place […]

The Effects of a Framing Story by Brian D. McLaren

If our framing story tells us that we humans are godlike beings with godlike privileges – intelligent and virtuous creatures outside a limited environment of time and space, without potentially fatal flaws – we will have no reason to acknowledge or live within limits, whether moral or ecological. Similarly, if it tells us that the […]

Record of Church in Progress Ideas – 21st July 2013

Ideas discussed at our Church in Progress get together  at Glenn’s place – 21st July 2013  Who was there? Glenn, Alan, Tania, Angie, Riley and Emily · Don’t have a separate Sunday School – all ages worship.· Magic shows incorporated!· We discussed the singing Italian Priest and why we think he’s amazing.· Crafty Christmas ideas· […]