Church in Progress is a place for everyone and anyone. However you identify yourself and whatever your background. This is a place where your skills can be put to good use! It’s also a community where you will be enabled to learn and try new things.

Rev Emily facilitates all things Church in Progress and she is recognised by MCC as the pastoral leader. Always thinking about what to do next, Emily, with the help of the team, casts the spiritual vision for this community. She loInaugural Christmas Gathering 2013ves being active in her local community of Mangere East and many of the Church in Progress activities reflect that commitment as together we do our best to donate to and support the fabulous work of places like our local Womens’ Refuge, Mangere East Community Centre and Respect Our Community Campaign (ROCC), OMYG …

We also believe the land at Ihumatao needs to be saved from development. Save Our Unique Landscape (SOUL) is the community campaign which is leading this fight.  Find out more about this here.

Alan is Emily’s husband and they are a bit of a dynamic duo! Alan also loves getting involved in local activities and is often seen cycling around Mangere East. Alan brings the magic to Church in Progress (as he’s a magician)!

Although Emily and Alan are the driving force behind Church in Progress they are not willing to do ‘church’ alone! They are part of a team of great people. Come along and meet everyone at the next Church in Progress event or check out the facebook page. Looking forward to getting to know you.

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