Pics from July’s Gathering …

This month our prayer and discussion were based around ‘rejection’ and we explored this story and tease out the advice Jesus gave to his disciples on dealing with rejection. Read it here Mark 6:1-13 At the July 2018 gathering we were thinking, praying and talking about … The Story of Rejection : What happens when we are not […]

Event : May Gathering – Saturday 5th May 2018

Witnessing to Love. Bearing the Backlash. Many Church in Progress peeps are involved in social justice campaigns, advocacy, working for peace … this list goes on. Speaking truth to the powerful can be exhausting and even costly. Even in our own everyday conversations, speaking up against racism, homophobia and sexism – it’s not always easy. […]


Well, Church in Progress could be just the thing you are looking for! If you would like to chat to Rev Emily before you come along to an event please get in touch – by email or via the facebook page. Church in Progress does not own a building so it’s recommended that you check the facebook […]